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Occupational Wellness Solutions provide appropriate rapid response early intervention support to organisations and their employees. With the upward trajectory of the human, organisational and financial costs of mental health it has never been more important to ensure that appropriate “fit for purpose” supports are in place.

Our partners work with us for our competence and flexibility. Our cost effectiveness and ability to assist organisations to work towards compliance and duty of care re employee welfare, are also key factors. OWS provide three (3) specific support interventions for your employees (see OWS services).

OWS – Services

  1. Rapid Response employee counselling supportwithin 24 hours
  • Within 24 hours of contacting OWS an employee will have completed a telephone assessment and the first appointment is set up at a time that suits the employee (includes evenings and weekends if required)
  • OWS counselors are experienced in both public and private sector employments
  • Initial assessments are carried out by Michael O’ Toole (Director of OWS)
  1. Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) e.g. a sudden illness or death of a colleague, suicide, an assault, a robbery.
  • Development of a CISM policy and action plan to implement when a traumatic incident occurs. The importance of a plan is to be a. compliant and b. ensure that appropriate action can be implemented when a traumatic incident occurs.
  • On receiving contact re a critical incident OWS will provide guidance and appropriate interventions for the traumatic incident that has occurred
  • Follow up / aftermath support is also provided
  1. Resilience Building for “Life and Career” (workshop – in house half day) A ninety minute online version of the workshop is also available
  • Understanding the key factors that facilitate the building of effective personal resilience
  • Recognising the common factors that contribute to anxiety and cumulative stress
  • Applying a resilience building template to personal health and wellbeing
  • Development and maintenance of a personal self – care plan


Business Relationship Manager – Michael O’Toole (Director) CMIOSH MIACP

An experienced psychotherapist and stress management specialist with significant understanding of the culture across the Irish industry sectors. Michael is well placed to support you to identify and meet your organisational and employee needs.

Occupational Wellness Solutions. www.ows.ie
michael@ows.ie 014413779 M: 087 2116151