1. Rapid response Confidential counselling support – 6 sessions

This process facilitates an employee to identify key stressors and enhance personal coping strategies. Over the course of the process the employee will be facilitated to develop a personally tailored self – care plan for work and life. If additional needs are identified through the process this will be discussed with the employee and additional support recommendations can be made

2. Traumatic event support – Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

The aftermath of a traumatic event can be difficult for organisations and employees to manage. An OWS mental health professional (CISM trained) will assist the organisation and the affected team/s through the process. Interventions that are appropriate to the event and the workplace environment will be selected and implemented to reduce the impact of the event, and provide follow up support as required

3. Training Workshop – Building Personal Resilience for “Life and Career” (half day in house workshop)
A shorter online version of the workshop is also available (90 minutes)

  • Introduction – the building and maintenance of personal resilience
  • The “5 Ways to Wellbeing” template for holistic wellbeing
  • Development a personal self – care planning approach
  • Using self – reflective tools to enhance awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Embedding the self – reflective tools into your resilience building process

4. Bespoke industry specific support interventions

Bespoke intervention development in consultation with the organisation to provide targeted support where required, some examples

  • Supporting staff engaged in stress inducing tasks and environments e. g. challenging customers and service users, reducing the likelihood of cumulative stress build up
  • Supporting mental health first aiders / mental health champions