Key Services

OWS provide four key services, coaching and counselling, our workshops and HR guidance and support. Each are specifically designed taking into consideration individual employee and your organisational needs.

1 – Coaching – 4 x (1.5 hour) sessions over a 6 week period

Initial assessment identifies which key service best suits the needs of the employee. In many cases a brief and individually tailored coaching process can provide the required outcome. It can enable an employee reengage with their life and work roles and with a personal wellness plan prepared to assist maintain wellness and resilience.

2 – Solution Focused Brief Therapy – 6 x (1 hour) sessions over a 6 week period

If following initial assessment our SFBT service is the agreed key service the employee is facilitated to identify key stressors and enhance personal coping strategies. Over the course of the six weeks the employee will develop a personal wellness plan to apply in work and life. If a different need is identified in the process this will be discussed with the employee and referrals will be offered

3 – Your Wellbeing “Spot check”  The 5 Ways to Wellbeing – 90 minute workshop

This 90 minute wellness spot check against the internationally acclaimed “5 Ways to Wellbeing” is an excellent and proven intervention to support your teams to “spot check” their self care planning process. Facilitated with an engaging user friendly training approach by OWS director Michael O Toole, the workshop has had excellent outcomes in known high stress work environments with excellent feedback.

4 – Guidance – Embedding your wellness agenda

OWS assist organisations with the set up of an in house wellness working group to plan a simple and suitable annual wellness calendar of events within the organisation. This simple intervention is a key tool in promoting an organisational and individual self care planning ethos.